Executive Team


James Whittaker


Before founding The Ambitious Exec, James was an economic consulting Director at Deloitte in NYC, and was a key member of the Global Hiring Team, with a responsibility for hiring some of the brightest minds in professional services, IT, marketing, government, sales, tax and accounting.
James is author of the Amazon bestselling book “The Reverse Job Search Method” that has sold tens of thousands of copies around the world.
James’ vision is for everyone to be working in careers they love, doing work that fulfills them and getting paid what they’re worth. The recruiting industry is broken, particularly for experienced mid-career professionals, and James is dedicated to fixing it.

Amanda Whittaker

Co Founder

As co-founder of the Ambitious Exec, Amanda's focus is on fostering professional communities. She brings a wealth of experience in strategy and management.
Prior to co-founding The Ambitious Exec, Amanda was pivotal in the global expansion of TED Conferences, where she connected an international community of over 50,000 members and orchestrated impactful events and workshops across the world. Her expertise in building platforms for professional growth and facilitating dynamic experiences underpins her current role.
Amanda's commitment is rooted in her passion for empowering professionals to achieve their career aspirations. She envisions a world where career transitions are seamless and fulfilling, leveraging her unique skills to bridge the gap in the executive recruiting industry for seasoned professionals. At The Ambitious Exec, Amanda is instrumental in crafting transformative career journeys, ensuring everyone she meets realizes their full potential.

Chris Musano

Program Director

As a 20 year consulting executive, Chris has hired and led more than 500 people at 20+ companies.  A credible business leader and internationally certified executive coach, Chris guides the program in line with the broader market and career landscape.


Brady Salcido

Sales Director

Brady is an accomplished entrepreneur focusing on marketing and sales strategies for over a decade. As a Sales Director, Brady leads our consultation process to guide the Career Advisory Team in helping delivering incredible value to our clients during our consultations and assist our clients in making the best decision to further their careers.

Client Services Team


Robbie Cantrell
Program Advisor

Robbie has been helping clients achieve success for 8 years, spanning many different industries. His most recent positions have had him helping C-Suite executives at Fortune 50 organizations, as well as Governors and Mayors of various U.S. governments. Robbie will help orient you within the program, providing next steps and recommendations along the way to ensure that you get the most from The Ambitious Exec.

Sacha picture

Sacha Mohan-Boodoo
Program Advisor

Sacha brings understanding of business executive perspectives from her 15 years of client service leadership across industries. As Program Advisor, Sacha serves as a guide to make sure that her clients get the best value from the program based on their individual needs.

Sandra Pacas Headshot

Sandra Pacas
Program Administrator

Sandra keeps client service operations running smoothly to help clients progress through our process. Her background in finance and technology gives her a detail oriented and knowledgeable perspective to support client progress.



Executive Career Coaching Team

Jill Wilk

Jill Wilk
HR & Recruiting Expert

As a certified executive and career coach, Jill brings over 20 years of HR leadership and recruitment expertise, helping clients achieve focus, motivation, and career advancement, while providing insight for navigating the human resources and recruitment process landscape.


Javier Vargas
Sr. Business & HR Executive

As a certified coach with 1,500+ hours of coaching experience, Javier helps clients navigate change and seek clarity. He brings 30+ years of senior leadership experience from companies such as Apple and Adobe.  Javier served as Global HR leader at ManpowerGroup, which gives him a unique perspective on both sides of the talent acquisition process.


Osmary Torres
Change & Transformation Leader

With nearly two decades of hands-on change leadership, Osmary has helped companies of all sizes to transform. As an executive coach, Osmary supports leaders in personal transformations that align personal values and career goals.


Holly Chen
HR Executive Leader

Holly is a certified executive coach with experience spanning marketing, finance, and HR across three continents. Having held roles such as SVP, HR Business Partner within Fortune 100 companies, and Head of People for startups, Holly specializes in guiding senior leaders through transitions and transformations. Grounded in a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, her approach empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and drive enduring success.


Vlad Herescu
Job Search Automation Specialist

Vlad has a background in advertising, branding, and automation, transitioning from a copywriter in the ad industry.  At The Ambitious Exec, he helps executives set up and understand automated outreach systems and tools, enabling them to scale their job search efforts and generate daily conversations with key decision-makers.


Resume Team

Screenshot_37 5

Stefanie Sher
Recruiting Leader & ATS Expert

With nearly a decade in recruiting, Stefanie brings insider knowledge for how companies of all sizes identify executive talent.  Her unique combination of recruiting acumen and resume writing skills ensures that candidates present their best selves, aligning with organizational goals.

Screenshot_37 6

Trevor Richfield
Executive Resume Specialist

With over 1,000 resumes created across all industries, Trevor helps clients build an authentic professional brand that emphasizes achievements in line with industry trends.

Screenshot_37 7

Toni Aston
Executive Resume Specialist

A dedicated resume writer with 5 years of experience crafting compelling resumes across all industries. Her passion lies in empowering individuals to achieve success through career narratives, showcasing each client's unique strengths and achievements.


Career Advisory Team

Outdoor headshot 1

Scott Laney
Career Advisor

Scott spent over a decade in healthcare working in the surgical and laboratory side of the industry. After years of working with recruiters, he recognized how they could find roles, but not necessarily the right roles.
He spent extensive time working with hospital executives and the leadership teams of multiple clinical reference laboratories, with a focus on genetics and infectious disease testing. He now combines his prior experience to help guide our clients through The Ambitious Exec intake process and into new roles deserving of their time and energy.


Jason Ferguson
Career Advisor

Jason has been advising executives for over 20 years. A former corporate attorney and military officer, his past roles have afforded him the opportunity to provide advice and counsel to C-Suite-level executives, Government officials and military leaders on a variety of topics, including career progression. He is best known for his commonsense approach to complex problems and thorough understanding of the unique challenges that executives face in the competitive job market.


Andrew Compean
Career Advisor

With over a decade of expertise, Andrew has assisted thousands of clients in achieving their personal and professional goals. His journey as an entrepreneur has equipped him with valuable insights and skills, allowing Andrew to navigate challenges adeptly and inspire teams as a leader. Andrew is passionate about driving growth, fostering relationships, and delivering exceptional results.

Scott M

Scott McDougal
Career Advisor

Before joining The Ambitious Exec, Scott spent 15 years creating advertising and marketing campaigns for numerous ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He has written and published books on strategic and creative communication; spoken at industry conferences; and coached private clients. Scott utilizes these skills to help prospective clients understand the importance of maximizing their hidden value through every stage of an effective executive job search, so they can achieve their most ambitious career goals.


Cody Werho
Career Advisor

Prior to being a Senior Career Advisor with the Ambitious Exec, Cody ran multiple 7 and 8 figure sales teams in the Consulting and Advertising space. His 7 year career has contributed to a deep understanding of communication and leadership, which helps him to guide our clients on truly taking control and scaling their career.

Chris S

Chris Salcido
Career Advisor

A seasoned executive coach and executive search consultant with over 30 years of experience. His expertise lies in delivering top-notch C-level executive career coaching, guiding professionals towards salaries up to $1.5 million. Excels in offering unparalleled C-level executive career coaching. Nationally Recognized as a trusted advisor, advocate, and industry insider/expert.

What Clients Say About Us

Citrus-CBG-1_x280 15

Brian Z

Healthcare Product Executive

For those who have not had a chance to attend The Hero’s Journey course, it is definitely worth the time investment! I had an excellent session today with Osmary and learned I had imposter syndrome when it comes to the job search. This is something I never would of have thought that I had a challenge with as I consider myself as a high performing leader.


Farid V

Chief BI Executive

Today’s workshop was absolutely riveting. Jill conducted an extremely productive and eventful discussion not only on the topic of the agenda (IRT) but also on certain aspects of the UVP and what to expect in Branding discussions.Several facets were clarified that I had doubts on and it gave me a better edge to re-visit certain aspects of my profile to pay better attention to them. Appreciate your time and efforts on this, Jill.


Daniel Z

Financial Services Managing Director

Trevor worked with me recently on upgrading my resume. His service was exceptional! I don't believe my resume has ever been this professional and well-written. It served to help me upgrade my LinkedIn profile as well. I strongly recommend Trevor should you need resume and/or LinkedIn profile support. He is top notch!

Citrus-CBG-1_x280 1

Shawn M

Chief HR Officer

Javier, I cannot even begin to thank you for all the support and hard work you did on my behalf. I learned so much! Let me know what we need to do next. I appreciate you very much!

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