Shawn M.

Chief HR Officer

Pam W.

Chief Financial Office

Kevin M.

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen L.

General Manager (Operations Executive)

Rita P.

VP - Marketing

Matt W.

VP - Sales Engineering

Karl A.

Healthcare Operations Executive

Kate P.

Retail Chief Operating Officer

Nancy S.

Head of Technology & PMO

Doug B.

Chief Commercial Officer

Wil F.

Procurement Executive

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IT Program Director | Financial Services

Miracles I suppose do happen. ______ spoke to the CEO of ________ which led to the CEO speaking with me last week and offering me a job at the end of the conversation. We did all the salary discussions, etc. all on the same call; an hour later I had a job that I started on the same day! The role is a step up from what I have been doing in a new space.




Eben W

Certified Public Accountant | MBA

You changed my life. I don't know if I ever truly thanked you for that.




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VP Sales | Paper Manufacturing

Good Morning James, I wanted to send you a personal note and thank you, your team and the ______. Please keep private but the company I am going to work for is __________ as their Vice President of Sales and I will be leading their sales and marketing efforts. They have offered me a base salary of $200,000 and a 40% bonus with a package of full benefits, health insurance, 401K match $1 to $1 up to government limits, short term and long term disability and life

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Daniel Z

Managing Director | Financial Services

I like what I have seen so far! I really like the support for my resume and LinkedIn profile. They are now top notch because of your support! I am looking forward to the next phase and positioning myself for effective conversations with recruiters and decision makers. Thank you.


Jeff L

Chief Strategy Officer | SaaS

I'm making some real headway with applying for jobs on linkedin and following up using the messaging we discussed. I'm making some traction. I feel a lot better about the online and resumes story we are telling these days. Thank you


Onya N

VP of Client Relationships | Financial

I have just signed the contract to the job of my dreams at an investment firm. This has been a long time dream of mine, 6 years in the making trying to shift from the admin side to a client facing front office role. The program has been instrumental in my success. Not only is it the job of my dreams but also the type of firm I want to work for in terms of size, culture and attitude.


Pam E

Director of Clinical Services

Recently found myself the newly unemployed. The biggest challenge is that I've been submitting applications and getting crickets. I needed to find a new way of doing things and this was the answer.


Jose Q

Wealth Advisory

I graduated a year ago from an MBA and I enrolled. This has been an amazing tool to prepare for interviews. I recommend 100%.


Alok K

VP - Tech | Technology

The step by step process to converting your background into your value proposition was the most powerful factor for me in securing my latest leadership role. It gave me the confidence to step up to the next level


Naveed M

Tech Executive

I had 3 specific challenges: what is my why, how to present my value, and how to build deeper human connections with decision makers. You provided me a methodical platform to help me find the answers to those questions.


Jason K

Head of Customer Success

I was furloughed after 26 yrs. Most of my career has been in customer service. Found myself in a black hole for most of the jobs I applied for. Having applied your teachings, today I accepted a job


Amy E

Director Of Quality Assurance

If you want to progress in your career - this is the place to be!


Willy P

US Sales Leader

Thanks to the team I have landed a dream job in my previous industry with a competitor who competes directly against my previous company.


Gary A

VP of Production

I was applying for jobs and my application was not getting opened. Today I beat 49 other people probably more qualified than me except for 1 thing. How to get the job. I have no doubt I got the job based on the information from this program.


Sarah S

Senior Principal (Consulting)

The program is geared towards those who want to make big improvements and big leaps, those willing to put in the time, follow the process, move forward constantly and want to create a path to a new level of excellence. Highly recommended.


Farid V

Chief BI Executive Architect

The amount of information within each of the trainings is absolutely on-point. It equips one enough to be confident in understanding what it takes to be a sound executive, letting them think for themselves on how to approach things such as 'Valley of Despair' to get to their ultimate destinations of success.


Daniel Z

Managing Director | Financial Services

Trevor worked with me recently on upgrading my resume. His service was exceptional! I don't believe my resume has ever been this professional and well-written. It served to help me upgrade my LinkedIn profile as well. I strongly recommend Trevor should you need resume and/or LinkedIn profile support. He is top notch!


Krishnan V

IT Program Director | Technology

Thanks to the team I have landed a dream job in my previous industry with a competitor who competes directly against my previous company.


Constantine X

Senior Government Official

Wanted to thank you. I got a job!!! It exceeds all my expectations. I used everything you provided and the other candidates had no chance (and I knew that). The work you did to put all materials together rewards those who use it.


Mark B

Startup CEO

I think my resume looks amazing!

Taylor MC

Kate P.

Retail Chief Operating Officer

In conclusion, the Ambitious Exec program was a pivotal part of my job search journey. I'm grateful for the experience and excited about the next chapter in my career. I believe that taking the time to find the perfect role is worth the investment. Wishing everyone success in their job search endeavors.

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Doug MC
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Nancy Testimonial
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